News About Lincoln Problems, Recalls, and Lawsuits

A collection of stories that owners should hear about including recalls, lawsuits, investigations, and top complaints.

  1. 2019

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  2. 2018

    1. September

      • Ford has issued a small but important electrical recall for 87 vehicles with improperly secured power supply cables.

        The cables are at the starters and alternators and the unsecured conn...

    2. January

  3. 2017

    1. November

      • Earlier this year, Lincoln’s parent company – Ford – petitioned the government to delay an important Takata recall. Their reason? The airbags in question contain calcium sulfate which is suppose...

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  4. 2016

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      • “The automaker says the passenger frontal airbags are equipped with inflators that do not contain a drying agent called a desiccate. The ammonium nitrate is more susceptible to moisture intrusi...

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